Newbies on Patrol

Drakes, Dragons, and Cultists

The Dragon Hatchery

[This adventure spans over two sessions]


Drakes, Dragons, and Cultists

After the adventure in the raiders camp, the group rests in the town of Greenest where Leosin is recovering from his injuries sustained from his time in captivity in the Raiders Camp. Sometime in the early morning while the players are discussing their recent exploits, Leosin approaches them and requests their help to return to the cultists’ camp and determine if and when the cult will strike again.


Reluctantly (at least until they are offered a suitable amount of gold), the adventurers accept the mission. Leosin tells the group to meet him in the city of Elturel when they have completed their investigation, where he will reward them 400 gold each. At this point, Ghotex also recruited a new member to join his religion their group: Lia

Before leaving Greenest, the group manages to make a few “deals” with the local merchants in order to outfit themselves for the adventure. [If you’ve never clicked one of the Wiki links in the adventure posts before, you’ll definitely want to check out “deals”]

Upon arriving back at the cultists’ camp, the group finds it almost completely abandoned and disassembled, except for a few hunters. When the adventurers approach the hunters, they don’t seem to be very interested in helping supply any information about where the cultists went, if they even knew at all. However, they do let the group know that inside the cave a few raiders remain, namely the “Wearer of Purple”, the dragon-man, and some dragon-dogs". Unsatisfied with the lack of information, Miri and Ghotex “dispatch” the hunters.


Step right up, get yer hidey-holes!

The group spends the next two days delving into the cave behind the raiders’ camp: The Dragon Hatchery. The first day, Gerndar mostly spends his time in his hidey-hole, while the rest of the group [pictured] starts making their way through the cave complex.


At this point in the story, the narrator stopped doing a good job of remembering details, so he’s going to go over the highlights:

Rare photo of Bob before smashing a dragon egg

  • The group clears two dragonclaws that were trying to stalk them from the cave entrance
  • Gerndar entered his hidey-hole
  • The adventurers find the barracks where several guards are located and managed to miraculously sneak past their door. Several times. Without being heard.
  • The group finds the [mostly empty] treasure store and a sleeping cultist (whom Lia had no problem slitting his throat and playing in his blood)
  • The adventurers made it through a cavern of glowing fungus, which miraculously nobody tried to ingest
  • With uncanny stealth yet again, the group managed to sneak through a lair of stirges and bats
  • Ghotex and Lia sifted through huge piles of shit garbage, fought smelly troglodytes, and endangered the entire group over what turned out to be awesome treasure old belt buckles. Oh, and a few gems.
  • The group found a smelly meat locker guarded by unbeatable fish hooks on leather strips, and fought two guard drakes before rushing unprepared into the kobold barracks
  • The adventurers fell asleep in these barracks, presumably from drunkenness exhaustion
  • They started out the next day well, by triggering a trap on a stairwell before Gerndar decided to be brave and fight the “dragon-man” head on
  • The group found “Rob the Roper” and Ghotex managed to lead him away and down the hall away from the group, but not before Bob and Lia fought those dastardly fish-hooks again to acquire some tantalizing rotten meat
  • Ghotex managed to break open a dragon egg and kill a baby dragon
  • Bob smashed the two remaining eggs with his massive pe hammer
  • The group manages to miraculously sneak past the well trained guards yet again and make it back to Greenest before passing out from exhaustion drunkenness



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